Unique Decarbonization Solutions for Businesses and Individuals with Startup Zero Labs

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While Energy Web looks to accelerate the low-carbon energy transition as a whole and empower any customer to participate in the energy market, Zero Labs looks to work on specific projects with individuals and companies to help them decarbonize as quickly as possible.

Zero Labs was once just one piece of Energy Web, now has broken off to double-down and focus on making the most significant impact possible on decarbonization. 

Decarbonization Solution

Today, we are excited to announce Zero Labs, a startup that develops solutions for companies and individuals to integrate decarbonization into their operations and day to day lives.

Zero Labs will leverage market insights and technical progress achieved with the open-source Energy Web Zero solution between 2020–2021 and accelerate the development of digital solutions in renewable energy and carbon markets, starting with renewable energy certificate (REC) offerings.

Energy is the biggest battleground of the climate crisis73% of greenhouse gas emissions are created by energy production or consumption, and 80% of that energy is still sourced from fossil fuels. To correct the current trajectory, we must push those numbers down to zero at unprecedented speeds, creating new pathways for renewable energy adoption, activating more climate action and maximizing decarbonization behaviors among businesses and individuals alike.

Transparency and Proof for Sustainability

This is where Zero Labs and our vision for “programmable sustainability” comes in. We are transforming market access and increasing demand for zero-carbon products with tools that enable businesses and individuals to weave zero-carbon product procurement into everything they do and prove it. In other words, Zero Labs’ solutions streamline the zero-carbon product user experience and procurement process to make decarbonization easier in order to motivate more companies and households to enter these markets.

Zero Labs’ launch is a natural next step in a story that began in 2020 when Energy Web, XRP Ledger Foundation, and Ripple delivered the first renewably-powered blockchain and received a grant from the Good Energies Foundation to expand development of Energy Web Zero. Building on additional progress made in 2021, including the September 2021 showcase with Protocol Labs to make the Filecoin blockchain green, Zero Labs is driving this work ahead as an independent company to bring to life a commercial solution for renewable energy procurement.

“We started working with the Zero Labs team in 2021 because they led the industry in building Web3-native tools to tokenize energy attributes. We are thrilled to continue to partner with the team as they build and scale a global renewable energy marketplace that will make it possible for any project to verifiably mitigate its environmental impact.”

Alan Ransil, PhD, Team Lead for Filecoin Green


Built using Energy Web’s open-source tech stack, Zero Labs will provide integrated online public marketplace solutions to help zero-carbon product sellers meet the needs of buyers (especially small- and medium-sized buyers) in achieving their respective clean energy sourcing and carbon mitigation goals more efficiently and effectively.

Eliminates REC Double-Claim Risk

The application promotes existing industry standards and best practices for zero-carbon products through synchronization with REC issuance and tracking systems to avoid any risks of double counting or double claiming.

Energy Web previously published a case study to define the opportunity and needs that this application will address for different types of energy market participants, as well as how this application interacts with the Energy Web stack.

Screenshot of the Energy Web Zero Case Study

Zero Labs’ main priority is to develop various technical integrations for clean energy buyers, sellers, and tracking systems in order to simplify the REC transaction and redemption process. As its flagship project, Zero Labs will continue the work with Protocol Labs to power Filecoin storage providers with renewables. Filecoin, as a true pioneer and leader in the decentralized tech ecosystem, has also pledged to decarbonize the whole network from its inception and prove it.

We are ready to support any business, from the crypto industry and beyond, that wants to decarbonize their operations, portfolios, services, and/or products. To that end we will forge additional partnerships with digitally savvy organizations, including organizations in the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA) community that want to make crypto green with decentralized technologies.

Industry Leader Perspectives

“We are excited for Zero Labs to support Energy Web’s mission and grow its ecosystem in our common quest to decarbonize the world as fast as possible.”

Beltran Berrocal, Co-Founder of Zero Labs


“We are thrilled to launch Zero Labs and build user-friendly tools so that anyone anywhere can decarbonize and prove it. Zero Labs will fill an important gap in the market by introducing tools that make it so easy to decarbonize that climate action becomes programmed into business and household operations across our economies.”

Doug Miller, Co-Founder of Zero Labs


“Energy Web is proud of the progress to-date on this project and the formation of Zero Labs to take this important work forward. Zero Labs offers yet another example of industry making use of the Energy Web Tech Stack to deploy commercial solutions for the energy transition.”

Jesse Morris, CEO of Energy Web


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Energy Web is a global, member-driven non-profit accelerating the low-carbon, customer-centric energy transition by unleashing the potential of open-source, digital technologies. Our Energy Web Tech Stack enables any energy asset, owned by any customer, to participate in any energy market. The Energy Web Chain — the world’s first enterprise-grade, public blockchain tailored to the energy sector — anchors the Energy Web Tech Stack. The Energy Web ecosystem comprises leading utilities, grid operators, renewable energy developers, corporate energy buyers, IoT / telecom leaders, and others.

Zero Labs is a startup that builds technology solutions to help businesses and individuals worldwide program decarbonization into their operations and everyday lives. We create radical transparency, simplicity, and accessibility in voluntary renewable energy and carbon markets to eliminate entry barriers and transform the zero-carbon product user experience for buyers and sellers alike. Our solutions leverage advanced decentralized technologies to capture key events in zero-carbon product life cycles, such as renewable energy certificate issuance, listings, transactions, and cancellations for environmental claims and reporting in line with good practices and industry standards.