An Upgrade for The Best Spot Trading Platform, KuCoin, is Happening on January 13, 2022

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Every platform needs to be upgraded, and KuCoin’s spot trading platform is receiving its upgrade on January 13, 2022. The KuCoin team wrote the following note to let their members know of the 30-minute downtime and the trading pairs that will be affected during the downtime.

Make sure you plan accordingly on January 13th!

“Dear KuCoin users,

To provide better trading services for our valued users, KuCoin is going to upgrade the Spot/Margin trading system at 06:30:00 am, January 13, 2022(UTC).

From 06:30:00 am to 06:40:00 am, the “Recent Trades”, “Candle Line” , “Order History” and “Order Book” of the following trading pairs on App, WEB and API will not be updated. 


From 06:50:00 am to 07:20:00 am, the “Order Book” of all trading pairs on WEB and App will temporarily delay. API will not be affected. 


1. If a large price fluctuation occurs, we will postpone the upgrade accordingly and notify you via the announcement.

2. To avoid possible risks, you may prepare for risk control in advance.

The KuCoin Team”

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