Offshore Wind Energy is Primed for Explosive Growth from 2021-2025

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offshore wind energy

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Have you looked into the state of the offshore wind energy market recently? This market is set for explosive growth in the near future in the US. Especially with BOEM opening up offshore wind auctions for Wind Energy Areas in the Gulf of Maine, New York Bight, Central Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico, as well as offshore the Carolinas, California, and Oregon.

A potential for 30 GW of offshore wind energy to meet the Biden-Harris goal by 2030. 

This has tremendous potential, and goes to show the potential for offshore wind energy over the next 4 years.

I started to get curious when I listened to the #Howtosaveaplanet podcast from September 2021, that mentioned how 2 areas in the northeast sold at auction for a combined $405 million. 

I did some extra digging, and the future of offshore wind looks extremely promising.