EW-DOS is Being Leveraged by Uruguay’s Grid Operator to Develop a Renewable Energy Certification System

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Renewable Energy Certification System Uruguay

Energy Web has joined forces with Uruguay to provide a renewable energy certification system for renewable energy providers in the country. This places the country at the forefront of being able to provide a decentralized solution to incentivizing the energy transition.

Renewable Energy Certificate System Launched

Uruguay’s Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mines (MIEM) and UTE has created a Renewable Energy Certification System that has now entered the production stage.

The application will permit organizations to recover certificates describing the source and origin of renewable energy based on the Energy Web decentralized operating system. The service will be accessible to both large and small-scale clients in the district.

Energy Transition Innovator: Uruguay

The service will be accessible to an expanding number of clients through June 2022. By implementing this new system, Uruguay has situated itself as a worldwide innovator in the energy transition, making another value stream for those companies developing products and services in the country.

For more information about the Renewable Energy Certification System, check out more here.

UTE is a public energy sector company that works to make electric energy affordable in Uruguay through its electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and commercialization activities, as well advisory services and technical assistance. UTE has its own hydro, wind, and photovoltaic renewable energy generation plants, along with support from thermal energy sources, to deliver energy to more than 1,475,000 clients located in Uruguay (more than 99% of Uruguayan households), as well as export to neighboring countries. The guiding principles of UTE include efficiency, quality, equity, public responsibility, and respect for the environment. UTE is also an Energy Web Member.

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