Google’s Journey to 24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity – FlexiDAO Makes CFE Even Easier

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Does 24/7 carbon-free electricity seem impossible? It isn’t. FlexiDAO is on a mission to make that happen. In a live webinar taking place today (February 10th, 2022) find out exactly how you could make this happen at your company. 

All three companies represented by our guests have something in common: a solid strategy and roadmap to move towards the procurement of renewable electricity every hour of the day, every day of the year. They are going to share with us their experiences of their 24/7 Carbon-free Electricity journey, which will inspire you through unique insights on how to get started and how to overcome eventual obstacles. 

2 days to go! Join us this Thursday at 5pm (CET) as we host a free webinar all about 24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity.⚡

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Expert Panel:

  • Brian Denvir, EU Energy Markets Lead – Google
  • Chris Pennington, Director Energy & Sustainability – Iron Mountain
  • Taylor Leyden, Program Manager EMEA Energy & Sustainability – Microsoft 

Host: Joan Collell, CCO – FlexiDAO


  • The challenge of decarbonizing the DC industry and the impact of electricity.
  • Setting 24/7 CFE targets and defining a solid strategy.
  • Benefits and obstacles of pursuing 24/7 CFE within the DC industry.
  • Reaching the whole DC ecosystem and beyond: tips to get started with 24/7 CFE.
  • Live Q&A.

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About FlexiDAO

FlexiDAO is a cleantech startup based in Amsterdam and Barcelona. They provide software solutions and advisory to help companies reach zero-carbon energy goals.

Their vision is to turn 24/7 carbon-free energy procurement into a widely-adopted market practice by buyers, to push for actual, full decarbonization of the electrical grid.

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