Blockchain Continues to Spread Throughout the Energy Industry with Energy Web Adding 2 More Partners

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New Partnerships for Energy Web

Once companies receive a taste of blockchain technology and what it can do for them, they are ready to take the next step to see their business expand with blockchain.

Many energy businesses are choosing Energy Web’s ecosystem to scale their business using blockchain as a key asset.

Two more companies have been added to the Energy web ecosystem just in the past week. 

Allgäuer Überlandwerke joins the Energy Web ecosystem as a member and validator

Energy Web announced that German energy supplier AUEW has joined as Energy Web’s newest member and Validator of the Energy Web Chain. From 2018 until the end of 2021 AUEW participated in the local energy market project, Pebbles, a market demonstration of blockchain technology in the energy sector in Wilpoldsried Germany. Following this project, AUEW is joining EWF to bring its energy blockchain work to the next level.

“We closely follow global technology trends and collaborate with leading energy companies in this field on a global scale. In this context, we share the pride of participating as an endorsing partner in the Energy Web ecosystem, the world’s largest and most respected energy blockchain network’’

Christian Ziegler – Head of Energy Services and Metering at AUEW


“We are thrilled to welcome yet another German energy market participant into the Energy Web ecosystem. We have a number of active projects throughout Western Europe and having more and more companies like AUW contribute to Energy Web’s mission is critical to our community’s success’’

Jesse Morris – CEO of Energy Web


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TERNA ENERGY Joins the Energy Web Ecosystem as a Member and Validator

Energy Web announced that TERNA ENERGY has joined as Energy Web’s newest member and Validator of the Energy Web Chain. 

TERNA ENERGY holds a leading position in the RES market in Greece, through the development of Wind Farms, Hydroelectric, Hybrid, and Pumping Projects, Solar energy projects as well as Integrated Waste Management and biogas projects. 

Currently, TERNA ENERGY Group has more than 1,300 MW in operation, under construction or ready for construction in Greece, Central, and Eastern Europe.

“We, at TERNA ENERGY, are convinced that blockchain is a technology with a potential to transform the energy sector as we know it today, building on new ways to implement energy transactions and contributing to an accelerated energy transition. For this reason, we are proud to be the first Greek energy company to become an endorsing partner of Energy Web, the world’s largest and most respected energy blockchain network, next to the most prominent energy majors around the world. We look forward to collaborating within the Energy Web ecosystem to develop the next big ideas and innovative projects of the future”

Dr. Alexander Karyotakis – Director of Concessions and Head of Strategy Committee of TERNA ENERGY


Having invested approximately €2 billion so far, TERNA ENERGY continues its dynamic growth with new investments of another 2 billion euros and a goal of 3,000 MW of RES plants by 2025. 

In this context, new wind projects with a total capacity of almost 2,200 MW are in the phase of licensing maturity (having secured production license), photovoltaic parks (onshore and offshore) with a total capacity of 1,700 MW are being planned and developed, while hybrid projects and storage systems (mainly pumped storage projects) with a total capacity of about 3,750 MW are being promoted, along with projects of various other technologies (hydroelectric, biogas, biomass, etc.) with an installed capacity of 200 MW. 

Moreover, the Group has been timely placed in the offshore wind parks market, where it plans to develop projects in the Greek seas.

‘’We are thrilled to welcome another major Renewable Energy developer to the Energy Web ecosystem. We are actively developing traceability-focused solutions to help companies like TERNA ENERGY offer value-add services to their customers using the Energy Web stack.”

Jesse Morris – CEO of Energy Web


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Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH is a medium-sized regional energy supplier based in Kempten in the Allgäu region of Germany. The company employs approximately 175 staff and provides a reliable energy supply to around 90,000 customers.
Allgäuer Überlandwerk is a pioneer in energy supply, having already contributed to previous research projects. The company possesses a wealth of experience in electric vehicles, virtual power plants, generation plants and energy trading, including dealing with regulations and IT technologies in these areas.

TERNA ENERGY is the RES arm of the Greek infrastructure and energy Group GEK TERNA. For more than 20 years, TERNA ENERGY plays a leading role in clean energy production while carrying out innovative projects for the environment, which contribute to sustainable development. It is a vertically organized Renewable Energy Sources company undertaking the Development, Construction, Financing, and Operation of renewable energy projects (wind, hydro, solar, biomass, waste management). With a strong portfolio of projects in Greece and abroad, TERNA ENERGY is the largest investor in the RES sector in Greece and the biggest Greek company in the sector worldwide.

Energy Web is a global, member-driven non-profit accelerating the low-carbon, customer-centric energy transition by unleashing the potential of open-source, digital technologies. Our Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS) enables any energy asset, owned by any customer, to participate in any energy market. The Energy Web Chain — the world’s first enterprise-grade, public blockchain tailored to the energy sector — anchors the EW-DOS tech stack. The Energy Web ecosystem comprises leading utilities, grid operators, renewable energy developers, corporate energy buyers, IoT / telecom leaders, and others.